Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November/December 2011

This month's (November) subject is Redemption. But before I get into the qualities of the word and its impact on our souls and lives, I'd like to post a short commercial.

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A strong image that comes to my mind when when I hear this word is Bob Marley's Redemption Song. It is powerful and speaks for itself. What I can say about it is that I am forever indebted to Bob Marley for bringing this song into the world and with one voice, speaking for so many - he was a true Genius.

Then we have the word redeem. Lexicons like to (and properly do) translate the Hebrew as "to forgive" or "to save". I however like the definition of,  "to liberate". Redemption, to me, is a free-ing of something.  I've been talking a lot about water, usually in the cleansing way. Perhaps redemption is an attribute of water and what exists in the heart - whether it is about forgiveness or second chances, liberation can be furthered by the consumption, showering, or immersion in and of water.

Liberation, redemption and water also are aspects of life; even lives-to-come. Floating in water for nine months is an environmental state of purity, freedom, and liberation in itself. Perhaps water is so important throughout our lives because that state remains with us, constantly calling us back to beginnings, however we can make it happen. To make something of our lives while retaining core states is a balancing talent that makes for valuable living. And for attracting and keeping good friends, too.

These are the people we want to have around us - those who feel the breath of liberation, who have traveled the roads seeking redemption, and who, through self-reflection can see in others opportunities to reach out and care for the release of slavery however and whenever that bondage is recognized.

As Marley says, "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds". We still are open to teachings, to being shown ways, paths of righteousness and paths of destruction in order to define, as the lexicons detail, what exactly these words mean to us individually.

These are changing times, Dear Friends. Old terms release new meanings. The new meanings shed light on once distant horizons, life simply is not quite the same as is was before, or even before that. Life is "closer". Redemption can see one through and water as a tool can assist in that process. Release your body from starvation and dehydration and embrace the courage to free your own mind in the light of new attitudes which face us each day.

Where is the nourishment, the cleansing, and the redemption? It exists in the love of life, the joy of living, and the healing bliss of laughter!

Simple as they seem, such actions and emotions part the veils of confusion and insecurity. They strengthen beyond measure the ability to be at peace with oneself and the world. Such is redemption, such is joy.

May each of you recognize your own true strengths and convictions this month. More importantly may you know why you think or act in such ways. In the spirit joy and giving of your redemptive talents to the world, may you have the courage to stand by your actions, and like water, nourish and cleanse all around you.

The Kohelet

December 2011

This year I wrote a lot about water, laughter, love, and release. These are powerful tools, ones which can strengthen and encourage each and every one of us without much outward change in daily schedules, wardrobes, or shopping lists. I leave you in 2011 with the word selected for the cover of my brochure, "reVolution". The graphic on the brochure shows the "r" in reverse. The first five letters then read "loVer". May we first of all be true lovers to ourselves, in order that we are then able to love others fully. The word, "reVolution" implies movement, more specifically, circular movement, and one might even argue more convincingly, spiral movement. This is important as we leave 2011 and enter 2012. Movement, momentum, revolution, and being lovers are all ways of maintaining   and recognizing kindred spirits amongst us.

May peace flow through you like water from a clear mountain stream. May you laugh as the Earth bubbles forth deep wellsprings, may you love like the ocean, and may you release like the tides.

The Kohelet

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September/October 2011

My Friends


What is it about time that stops us in our tracks? Language reflects states of time - one is "on time", "ahead of themselves", "behind the clock". I present to you in this post the challenge to consider time a tool to adjust circumstances as compared to a machine unto itself.

Take life, for instance. Death and birth and the time in between is each subject to memory. Without memory there is very little cause for time, for time is a regulator, an agent of the heart to parse, organize, and make efficient those events to which we deem important in our lives.

Liminal time stretches the boundaries of memory and the recall of events. It is useful in healing as it is in liminal time where alchemy is most powerful.

As much as this space is concerned with Water, I now include Time as another of its foci. I was riding along the road earlier today and saw this sign, which I share with you now,

"Be flexible. Even water carves rock in time." - Anon.

Shalom, Shanti, salaam,
The Kohelet

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July/August 2011

Dear Friends

When I began this blog I thought I knew about love but I confess I was new to it-more than I suspect I was than when I was born. In June my school years completed their cycles-the Coachella Valley Dear Ones gazed in separation into my heart as I departed for the Coast. Year Three at Pacifica concludes and my experiences in Jerusalem and Tzfat/Safed simply let me know I knew nothing. It happened because I found, what for me I know, as True Love. I have yet to establish myself in Austin, TX, but that's in September and I still have a number of weeks in August to further share with you.

First of all, consistent with each postings, I like to share with Kindred Spirits a focus, meditation, or idea to consider in your own meditations. The first was our Agape Meditation. The second, Water, and this is Healing and Health. This post encourages you to view, consider, and hopefully write to a profound Teacher who I met in my last 24 hours in Israel. His name is Rabbi Moshe Rafael Seror, Ph. D. Please click both links and get to know him. There are English subtitles attached to these videos - Thanks/Todah for the link! Eliyafa :-) : http://www.rambamtv.com/

Meanwhile, stay with your basic lessons; concentrate on Center. Open your heart, just open it. If it hurts, then love through the hurt. Believe me, there are deep breaths on the other sides. Your Peace is the ultimate goal. The thing is, it is present now, and like a beautiful sculpture, requires a releasing as the core beauty becomes revealed. Your Peace is here, now, and has a heartbeat, and that heartbeat is very quiet. Still yourself and get to know that quiet heartbeat. That is where your Peace lives.

These days may prove to be trying. Remember to laugh, to do something for someone, to perform a random act of kindness, and above all, to treat yourself as your most honored guest who has stopped by for a visit.


The Kohelet

Monday, June 6, 2011

May/June 2011

Dear Friends

Today is June 6th. My Mother has been nominated for a statewide award for work in the field of Child Development. I wish her well and know she is deserving of the honor beyond measure. Bon chance, Mama! JUST IN- SHE WON!! YEA MOM!!!

Last month, May 2011, flew by. People were born, people died, people's lives changed and for some, things maintained a regular course. Jen had her Run/Walk for Life-her enthusiasm, passion and power for her Cause exceeds Inspiration. I personally have strong emotions each time the "Happy Birthday" commercial comes on the television. It's too "other" with regard to the intimacy of those I know whose birthdays have reached a finite number. Still, I am pleased and support her "in-your-face" strength and am honored that one of my BALM sessions assisted in her fundraising. I look forward to doing what I can wherever and however that can take place. Congratulations, Jennifer!

The end of the month of May renewed memories of my Veterans. The bike rides, rallies, meetings, and prayers shot me straight through the heart again and again. My Aunt is a retired Captain in the Air Force and I honor her trailblazing experiences each day. My contemporaries have looks in their eyes and memories in their bodies which defy description. The soul knows what the mind cannot articulate. I cannot prove but will fiercely stand behind a gut feeling that one of the reasons my life has taken me into the V-Twin Life is to know this aspect of sacrifice, honor, and brotherhood which exists amongst veterans; perhaps at times more so the isolation, self-medication, care-transference, codependent, and enabling aspects of the Journey as well. My advice? Have something in your life worth doing; then each day do something that contributes to that Something. For me right now, it's to finish my dissertation.Honoring my Vets helps me do that, wounds get healed in all kinds of ways. Knowing wholeness after long term suffering can be scary sometimes. It is good that some healing is slow. Peace to all who gave their lives, for it's true, "All Gave Some; Some Gave All". Amen.

On the 29th I Walked at Pacifica Graduate Institute and received my Master of Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology degree. Friends came in from Los Angeles, Seattle, and Denver to stand by and support this Ritual in Sacred Space. I am deeply grateful and appreciative for their participation and for all who gave from afar,sending prayers, presents, and Virtual Presence into this communal moment. Thank you, Texas, for making your mark.

June sixth. What a day. I prepare for an extended birthday weekend in Austin, a post birthday week in Seattle, more wonderful School in Carpinteria, more school at Yeshiva in Jerusalem, and then more school in Carpinteria.Stay tuned for July's Post for thoughts and healings related to June and July.

May's Meditation: Repeat a lot, silently or not - "Oh Lord hear my Prayer, Oh Lord Hear my prayer, When I call, Answer me; "Oh Lord hear My prayer, Oh Lord, Come listen to Me" - Taize

Peace to All. Breathe appreciatively; Breath is a Precious Gift.

Much Love,
The Kohelet

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank you Domo arigato gozaimasu Todah rabah v' Shukran ...for all of your positive replies and generous outpourings of heartfelt prayers toward our precious ocean-healing. - Kohelet

Saturday, March 19, 2011


CLASSES BEYOND DISCUSSION-Solvency. Sovereignty. Self.

These are the classes that are offered for application BEYOND DISCUSSION:

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Adam Kadmon                 Adept Initiation                          Meditation

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The Spiritual Mystery School

This is what you will accomplish:
Learn how to effect choice.         
Define free-will. 
See love.

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MARCH 2011
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20 Sunday             4-5pm               Palm Springs Area
this is an AGAPE MEDITATION Session for the purpose of healing our lives, our friends and families, our cities/countries/continents, the Earth, and all life - energy exchange/donation-investments.

Location: the fountain @ Michael S. Wolfson Park in Rancho Mirage, CA - East of the signal light at Frank Sinatra  and DaValle Drives. See you there! Materials provided. - Jet Nesa Bland, Kohelet - REPORT: Thank you for all who participated in this Global Meditation. Many people provided their support and focused interest in this Healing. I hope to have a podcast of this AGAPE meditation uploaded soon for all who continue to show interest in this universal healing tool. Thank you, Triolite Foundation, for passing the Agape Meditation down to us all!

Agape Meditation Podcast

29 Tuesday             2-3pm              Wolfson Park, Rancho Mirage, CA
30 Wednesday      10-11am            Joshua Tree, CA  National Park Area

Both of these meditations went well. May peace, balance, harmony, and love travel through us all. 

Stay tuned for April's page!

The APRIL page is up and ready for you! 
It presents one of the most powerful meditations/prayer ever. 

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Namaste v' shalom,
The Kohelet