Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 2012 - Narrow Roads

Goal selection is an arduous task. Unless you are forthright, of stalwart spirit, and already fully dedicated to your cause, no matter what, having a goal is an invitation to The Dissuasion Party.. The good part is that once the Party starts you are assured your goal is real and worth your commitment.

Narrow Roads  are recognized as routes which lead to desired final destinations with room to put one foot in front of the other. That's it. That's life. Or rather, that's your  selected, chosen life for that particular goal.

As Spring in the Northern Hemisphere begins to peek around its last hurrah set of stormy times, and in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer begins to wane, gather up your inner strengths and know, really know, that success comes with help from many, but the prize belongs to the steward of the intention.

An intention is a heartfelt desire that springs from the soul. It is a focusing of a desire to recognize being real.

A Narrow Road is what you oftentimes must walk in order to bring that intention to life. The cool thing is, is that when you're on the Road, your landscape is vast, free, and open. It is only when you do things not in favor to your goal/intention that the cliffs become unscalable, the crevices and ravines too deep to imagine, and the view itself invites debilitating vertigo.

Breathe deeply, create a supportive attitude and posture, time yourself well, be gentle, kind, and focused, and enjoy the immense rewards of the joy of walking a narrow road. It is not for everyone. You are special.

The Kohelet