Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 2012 - Prayer

Dear friends

I'm jazzed about April 2012 because I'm witnessing a power coming from combining desire and water. It's quite special.

April's a month of transition and transpiration. Literally. You've been with me in these past posts as I've shared ideas about water and this month stays in that flow. This time, however I 'm talking not so much about what water is but how it can be used to further Prayer. Yes! This month's topic is: Prayer.

Let's say that prayer is (utilizing the four wolds/stages of kabbalistic substance evolution) that which springs from the heart as feeling/desire, concept/idea, hope, and yes, substance! What fun!

For example, A feeling/desire occurs in one's heart. That feeling flows through one's system and takes form as a concept. At that point it is concrete enough to garner anticipation, or hope/seeing of a real possibility of taking place.

Then, with work and continued attention, it becomes tangible/substantial. Someone thinks of flying-feels it deep from within; conceives of a possibility via materials that resemble bird's wings; learns enough about the desire and the materials to actually hope/seeing the result enough to convey the concept to others via blueprints/designs. Having brought others into the desire, the idea of flying eventually becomes a reality.


Water is a sealer. Water is to thought like sealing wax is to an intimate, personal handwritten letter. One intrusts to water the blessing that the heart's desire will flow to its intended substantial evolutionary destination.

And that is Prayer.

Think of something, hold it dear, see it everywhere you go, write about it-draw it out. Drink a glass of clear, pure water. Then go to work and allow that desire to reach its substantial destination. That's Prayer. That's Water.

Wishing you many desires,

The Kohelet

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