Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 - Attitude

Dear Friends

Attitude is amazing. I find that it surrounds and accompanies me everywhere I go. I will talk this year about healing and meditation. I will tell you of an upcoming meditation workshop. I will, above all, discuss Attitude.

I associate with many dancers. Watching them practice perfecting their corporal attitudes (posture, alignment, balance, etc.) is a wonderful way for me to see psychological attitudes mirrored in life as choice, temperment, breath, and health. I love how these dancers embrace music-they capture rhythms wherever they find them - because their bodies have attitudes ready at the go. They recognize and seize upon opportunities to challenge their training and set standards for their attitudes which result in competence, confidence, and healthy companionship.

Have Attitude this month.

Align the posture of your soul with the balance of your body. Find rhythm in the world and in your heart. Listen to and hear music in the voices of your loved ones and those you consider strangers. Welcome the adjustment. Like evey new, hopeful goal, step lightly at first. Go gently in and amongst those who know more, whose feet are stronger, whose attitudes are more pliable, and whose health, whether mental or physical, has embraced sovereign attitude - that which through the trials and tribulations of life, claims its own True North, its own anchored connection in the strength of its own mythic truth.

Now here is the information about the upcoming meditation workshop!:

Saturday, January 28, 2012   4:00-5:30pm   $15 pre-registration   $20 at the door
Location: Infused Fitness and Dance
5840 Pacific Avenue SE, Suite A; Lacey, WA  98503   (360) 455-9000

Friends, this workshop teaches you a meditation that connects your busy life to the peaceful yet powerful nourishing warmth of our core inner furnaces, oftentimes called our Central Suns. The workshop also incorporates age old processes of guided, creative expression through individual journaling. We end the workshop with healing sounds of toning. Come, take a break and meditate in a workshop setting of safe, protected, and healing space! Materials are included and are yours to take home to continue what you learned in the workshop throughout the coming leap-year month. Bring a friend!

May your attitude be one of courage, confidence, and healthy companionship. May you be kind to your mind, your thoughts, and your breathing. May 2012 grace you with challenges that reveal to you joys of accomplishment, struggles vanquished, and resolutions of peace.

The Kohelet