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CLASSES BEYOND DISCUSSION-Solvency. Sovereignty. Self.

These are the classes that are offered for application BEYOND DISCUSSION:

Gifts of the Spirit            24 Strand DNA Activation           Isis

Adam Kadmon                 Adept Initiation                          Meditation

This is primarily where our lineage comes from:
The Spiritual Mystery School

This is what you will accomplish:
Learn how to effect choice.         
Define free-will. 
See love.

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Class dates and times are personally arranged for learning groups!

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MARCH 2011
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20 Sunday             4-5pm               Palm Springs Area
this is an AGAPE MEDITATION Session for the purpose of healing our lives, our friends and families, our cities/countries/continents, the Earth, and all life - energy exchange/donation-investments.

Location: the fountain @ Michael S. Wolfson Park in Rancho Mirage, CA - East of the signal light at Frank Sinatra  and DaValle Drives. See you there! Materials provided. - Jet Nesa Bland, Kohelet - REPORT: Thank you for all who participated in this Global Meditation. Many people provided their support and focused interest in this Healing. I hope to have a podcast of this AGAPE meditation uploaded soon for all who continue to show interest in this universal healing tool. Thank you, Triolite Foundation, for passing the Agape Meditation down to us all!

Agape Meditation Podcast

29 Tuesday             2-3pm              Wolfson Park, Rancho Mirage, CA
30 Wednesday      10-11am            Joshua Tree, CA  National Park Area

Both of these meditations went well. May peace, balance, harmony, and love travel through us all. 

Stay tuned for April's page!

The APRIL page is up and ready for you! 
It presents one of the most powerful meditations/prayer ever. 

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Namaste v' shalom,
The Kohelet