Monday, June 6, 2011

May/June 2011

Dear Friends

Today is June 6th. My Mother has been nominated for a statewide award for work in the field of Child Development. I wish her well and know she is deserving of the honor beyond measure. Bon chance, Mama! JUST IN- SHE WON!! YEA MOM!!!

Last month, May 2011, flew by. People were born, people died, people's lives changed and for some, things maintained a regular course. Jen had her Run/Walk for Life-her enthusiasm, passion and power for her Cause exceeds Inspiration. I personally have strong emotions each time the "Happy Birthday" commercial comes on the television. It's too "other" with regard to the intimacy of those I know whose birthdays have reached a finite number. Still, I am pleased and support her "in-your-face" strength and am honored that one of my BALM sessions assisted in her fundraising. I look forward to doing what I can wherever and however that can take place. Congratulations, Jennifer!

The end of the month of May renewed memories of my Veterans. The bike rides, rallies, meetings, and prayers shot me straight through the heart again and again. My Aunt is a retired Captain in the Air Force and I honor her trailblazing experiences each day. My contemporaries have looks in their eyes and memories in their bodies which defy description. The soul knows what the mind cannot articulate. I cannot prove but will fiercely stand behind a gut feeling that one of the reasons my life has taken me into the V-Twin Life is to know this aspect of sacrifice, honor, and brotherhood which exists amongst veterans; perhaps at times more so the isolation, self-medication, care-transference, codependent, and enabling aspects of the Journey as well. My advice? Have something in your life worth doing; then each day do something that contributes to that Something. For me right now, it's to finish my dissertation.Honoring my Vets helps me do that, wounds get healed in all kinds of ways. Knowing wholeness after long term suffering can be scary sometimes. It is good that some healing is slow. Peace to all who gave their lives, for it's true, "All Gave Some; Some Gave All". Amen.

On the 29th I Walked at Pacifica Graduate Institute and received my Master of Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology degree. Friends came in from Los Angeles, Seattle, and Denver to stand by and support this Ritual in Sacred Space. I am deeply grateful and appreciative for their participation and for all who gave from afar,sending prayers, presents, and Virtual Presence into this communal moment. Thank you, Texas, for making your mark.

June sixth. What a day. I prepare for an extended birthday weekend in Austin, a post birthday week in Seattle, more wonderful School in Carpinteria, more school at Yeshiva in Jerusalem, and then more school in Carpinteria.Stay tuned for July's Post for thoughts and healings related to June and July.

May's Meditation: Repeat a lot, silently or not - "Oh Lord hear my Prayer, Oh Lord Hear my prayer, When I call, Answer me; "Oh Lord hear My prayer, Oh Lord, Come listen to Me" - Taize

Peace to All. Breathe appreciatively; Breath is a Precious Gift.

Much Love,
The Kohelet