Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July/August 2011

Dear Friends

When I began this blog I thought I knew about love but I confess I was new to it-more than I suspect I was than when I was born. In June my school years completed their cycles-the Coachella Valley Dear Ones gazed in separation into my heart as I departed for the Coast. Year Three at Pacifica concludes and my experiences in Jerusalem and Tzfat/Safed simply let me know I knew nothing. It happened because I found, what for me I know, as True Love. I have yet to establish myself in Austin, TX, but that's in September and I still have a number of weeks in August to further share with you.

First of all, consistent with each postings, I like to share with Kindred Spirits a focus, meditation, or idea to consider in your own meditations. The first was our Agape Meditation. The second, Water, and this is Healing and Health. This post encourages you to view, consider, and hopefully write to a profound Teacher who I met in my last 24 hours in Israel. His name is Rabbi Moshe Rafael Seror, Ph. D. Please click both links and get to know him. There are English subtitles attached to these videos - Thanks/Todah for the link! Eliyafa :-) :

Meanwhile, stay with your basic lessons; concentrate on Center. Open your heart, just open it. If it hurts, then love through the hurt. Believe me, there are deep breaths on the other sides. Your Peace is the ultimate goal. The thing is, it is present now, and like a beautiful sculpture, requires a releasing as the core beauty becomes revealed. Your Peace is here, now, and has a heartbeat, and that heartbeat is very quiet. Still yourself and get to know that quiet heartbeat. That is where your Peace lives.

These days may prove to be trying. Remember to laugh, to do something for someone, to perform a random act of kindness, and above all, to treat yourself as your most honored guest who has stopped by for a visit.


The Kohelet