Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September/October 2011

My Friends


What is it about time that stops us in our tracks? Language reflects states of time - one is "on time", "ahead of themselves", "behind the clock". I present to you in this post the challenge to consider time a tool to adjust circumstances as compared to a machine unto itself.

Take life, for instance. Death and birth and the time in between is each subject to memory. Without memory there is very little cause for time, for time is a regulator, an agent of the heart to parse, organize, and make efficient those events to which we deem important in our lives.

Liminal time stretches the boundaries of memory and the recall of events. It is useful in healing as it is in liminal time where alchemy is most powerful.

As much as this space is concerned with Water, I now include Time as another of its foci. I was riding along the road earlier today and saw this sign, which I share with you now,

"Be flexible. Even water carves rock in time." - Anon.

Shalom, Shanti, salaam,
The Kohelet

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