Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 2012 - A Light Meditation

Greetings, All

This is a meditation via The Spiritual Mystery School that I'm honored to share with you this month. Enjoy the skies, celebrate the heart, love the Self. - Kohelet

Holding The Light Meditation

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax.
At this time of greatest light, we meditate on light as a symbol of spiritual energy.
Breathe now gently and deeply and with each breath become aware of the light that surrounds you and the light that is within you -- the light that is the energy of Our Great Mother.
The light can be any color. It is often imagined as white -- like bright sunlight. But it can be any color, any intensity, that is best for you. Blue, green, yellow, purple, rose; we know that light can also be black. The light may stay the same color for you during this meditation or it may change from color to color, or become a blend of many colors.
See the light now in your minds eye. This light is all around us, we are bathed in its brightness, energy, and warmth.
Focus on the light until you sense that you and the light are one. This will be your signal that you can now bring the light inside you.
When you bring the light inside you, one way is to let it stream in through your crown chakra at the top of your head. (If it has already entered another way, that is okay.)
The light -- this healing energy -- flows through you now, from your crown, down to your third eye (between your eyebrows) to your throat, your shoulders and your arms, and your hands, to your heart, your stomach, shining brightly at your solar plexus just above your navel, to your sex organs, shining too at your tailbone. The healing light travels down through your legs, your knees, your ankles and your feet. Feel the warmth of this healing energy now as it travels all through your body.
Now sense the one part of your body where the light can shine the brightest and imagine the light there. See it shine.
Now send the light out from that part of your body where it shines the brightest. Send it out a few inches from your body.
Now extend your light out from your body just a little more, then a little more, until your light extends a few feet from your body. Now, if you like, extend your light to reach your sisters. Our lights meet and we are connected by this great light, connected by our renewed knowledge of Our Great Mother. Take a few minutes now to sense this energy and this connectedness.
Now take from this light the energy that you need, and know that there is plenty for all. For the Source of this light is endless and ever abundant. Take a moment to experience Her abundance, and know that as you partake of Her light and Her love, so do you give your light and your love. And as you give energy, so do you receive it. And thus does the circle of life continue.
And as we come back now to this time and place, let us give thanks for the return of Our Great Mother, and for our return unto Her.
Sun King
O tell me why, O tell me why,
Tell me why must the eclipse come
To darken the sky.
O tell me why, O tell me why,
Tell me why must the moon come
to darken the sky.
This is the wake of Lugh the Sun King
He lost his life on the Solstice day;
This is the wake of Lugh the Sun King
He steps into the dark and guides the way.

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